Signal 13 Training

Providing the highest quality law enforcement training since 2009

Signal 13 Training was founded in 2009 by Rich A. and Mark J. Rich and Mark each have 25 years of law enforcement experience. In 2004 they were tasked by their agency to develop an all encompassing surveillance and criminal investigation training course. The course was opened up for outside agencies to attend. After several years the course was in such demand that our company was founded in order to expand quality training opportunities throughout the United States. Since our establishment we have worked with dozens of local, state and federal agencies throughout the U.S. and have continued to bring aboard highly qualified instructors who are subject matter experts in the courses that they teach.

Rich A.

Rich A. is an active law enforcement officer with nearly 25 years of experience. His career has featured specialized positions with a Special Assignment Team (plainclothes surveillance unit targeting street crimes and career criminals); Narcotics (including undercover street level operations, mid-level investigations, and long term federal drug conspiracy cases);  and SWAT. Rich is currently a Sergeant who supervisors a firearms investigations unit and works in an undercover capacity. 

As a well respected investigator Rich developed an expertise in conducting Title III wiretaps. Highlights from his career include dismantling drug trafficking organizations while seizing over $1 million in illegal assets. He was also instrumental in the successful closure of a 43 year old cold case involving the kidnapping, sexual assault and murder of two young girls. 

Rich was the winner of the 2016 Fort Meade Sniper Competition which consisted of over 40 teams from a variety of law enforcement agencies. He is considered an expert in firearms instruction and is a lead instructor in our covert surveillance, plainclothes survival and tactical firearms courses.

Mark J.

Mark Janney has 25 years of experience in law enforcement. His career has featured specialized positions with a Special Assignment Team (plainclothes surveillance unit targeting street crimes and career criminals); Narcotics (including undercover street level operations, mid-level investigations, and long term federal drug conspiracy cases); homicide and adult sex crime investigations; and cold case investigator. 

Mark has been an adjunct professor of criminal justice at the University of Maryland since 2002. He has served as a lead investigator in a federal drug conspiracy case that led to the arrest of several members of a drug trafficking organization and the seizure of over $1 million in assets, as well as hundreds of pounds of marijuana and 1000's of pills of ecstasy. He was also lead detective in the successful closure of a 43 year old cold case involving the kidnapping, sexual assault and murder of two young girls. 

Mark is a lead instructor in our interview and interrogation,  developing and managing informants, conducting drug investigations and covert surveillance courses. 


Nick Jerman

Nick Jerman began his career in law enforcement in July of 2003. Nick was asked in 2010 to become a Field Training Officer, so he could pass his knowledge down to younger officers upon their graduation from the Montgomery County Public Service Training Academy. 

Nick earned a position within the police department's Vice and Intelligence Unit in 2015.  Nickhas used social media to make multiple human trafficking and solicitation of juvenile arrests. Currently Nick is an Open Source Investigator within the Special Investigations Division. On a routine basis, Nick participates with a multitude of specialized units as well as patrol officers from his agency, as well as surrounding allied agencies in Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, and California. Nick assists in advancing their cases with a multitude of high tech online tactics, or advising with their investigators utilizing social media and open source internet intelligence. Nick is considered a subject matter expert when it comes to social media investigations and open source intelligence techniques.

In addition to teaching for Signal 13, Nick teaches a 90 minute block of instruction for Social Media Investigations for the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime and Prevention at Human Trafficking Conferences across the state of Maryland. 

Nick is a lead instructor for our Social Media Investigations Course.

Tyler A.

 Tyler A. began his career in law enforcement while pursuing higher education at Radford University. He earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on crime and data analysis.  Tyler served as a Crime Analyst with the Roanoke Police Department in southwestern Virginia. His primary duties included performing tactical crime analysis and developing the Department's intelligence capabilities.

 In 2015, Tyler was hired by the Baltimore Police Department to serve as an Open Source Intelligence Analyst. It was here that he continued to hone his tradecraft in open source intelligence collection and analysis. Tyler performed open source threat assessments for major events in Baltimore City, assisted with investigations regarding threats to government officials, government locations, large-scale events, among many other incidents.

 Tyler is currently employed as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst by Montgomery County (MD) Police Department. He is assigned to the Department's Special Investigations Division. He also assists numerous other units with gathering open source intelligence for investigations and producing analytic products. Tyler is considered by many of his colleagues to be a subject matter expert in social media and open source intelligence.  

 Tyler is a lead instructor in our Social Media Investigations course.

Katie Leggett

Katie Leggett has twenty years of law enforcement experience, with 16 years as an investigator of child abuse (physical and sexual) and cold case investigations. Katie is a certified polygrapher and recently won the 2017 DAVID L. MOTSINGER HORIZON AWARD presented by the American Polygraph Association, in recognition of a new shining star in the profession or association who early in their career demonstrates loyalty, professionalism and dedication to the polygraph profession. 

As a child abuse investigator, Katie is recognized as a subject matter expert and is a certified forensic interviewer. Katie has led investigations that have led to the arrest and convictions of prominent members of the community in trusted positions such as teachers and clergy. 

Katie also was a lead investigator in a 42 year old cold case involving the kidnapping and murder of two young girls. This case was recently successfully prosecuted and became the oldest successful "no body" prosecution in United States history. 

Katie has been a state certified instructor with the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission for over 10 years. 

Katie is a valuable member of our team and is a lead instructor in our interview and interrogation course, as well as other criminal investigations courses.


Jim W.

Jim W  has been in law enforcement since 2001. He is a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and began his career as an officer with the United States Park Police. Currently Jim W. is a narcotics Detective with Montgomery County Police Department, Special Investigations Division, Major Offenders/Conspiracy Unit and currently works in an undercover capacity.  Jim W. has been specially deputized as a Task Force Officer (TFO) by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since October of 2014.   

During his sixteen years as a law enforcement officer,  Jim W. has conducted long term investigations targeting street level, interstate and international narcotics traffickers.  Jim W. has participated in and been a co-case agent on Title III wiretap investigations involving federal narcotics violations.  These federal investigations have resulted in several Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) being dismantled, some as far reaching as China.  Jim W. also serves as an adjunct instructor for the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Academy teaching sworn officers and recruits in drug investigations and defensive tactics.  Jim W. has been consulted as an expert in narcotics trafficking by the Circuit Court and Juvenile Court for Montgomery County, Maryland.

Jim. W. is a lead instructor in all of our drug investigation courses.